GDPR – Safeguarding Your Business

Our Promise

We NEVER sell or pass-on a user’s personal data, to any third-party organisations, without their permission.

We guarantee the personal data leads we deliver to you are GDPR COMPLIANT and SAFE for you to use.

What promises are your other media partners giving you?


Our Five Steps to GDPR Compliance

  1. Core of Our Business

GDPR is embedded within our business culture. All our staff have received GDPR training. All our systems are designed around GDPR compliance.

  1. Open | Tranparents

We have GDPR compliant privacy policies, which are written in plain, easy to understand language and readily accessible across all our websites and email communications.

  1. Permission Only

The data you therefore receive is from OPT-IN users only – giving you the peace of mind the personal data we provide to you is GDPR compliant and our users have REQUESTED to receive YOUR communications.

  1. Audience in Control

Through our dedicated preference centre, which is accessible 24-hours a day, we make it very easy for people to manage how we communicate with them and they can, at any time, either opt-in OR opt-out of some or all of our communications. 

  1. Secure | Safe

All data files we send to you will be password encrypted and sent via a secure online service (we use to ensure it is sent safely and securely.


You can access our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions at

If you have any questions regarding our data privacy practices, please contact Tim Martin, Head of Data, Russell Publishing: Email address:

Read our GDPR compliance PDF